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Services and Fees

Assessment and consultation can be undertaken at the client's home (no additional charge if within 15 miles of Cardiff) or at a consulting room in Cardiff.  For travel beyond 15 miles, please enquire - we add a small, reasonable travel fee.

​Additional services
  • As educational psychologists we are also able to offer consultation and assessment around a variety of learning and behavioural issues.  Please contact for further information.

​Full assessment of specific learning difficulties (dyslexia)
  • ​Cognitive assessment (e.g. WISC-V/ WAIS-IV)

  • WIAT-III assessment of reading, phonics and spelling.

  • TOWRE-II assessment of reading efficiency.

  • CTOPP2 assessment of phonological processing or DASH assessment of handwriting difficulties, if appropriate.

  • Consultation around perceived difficulties.

  • Fee: From £600 including full report (usually 6-8 pages) - exact fee will always be given before booking the appointment.

Follow-up assessment of progress
  • Re-assessment of literacy/ phonological skills.

  • Should only take place after at least 9 months from core assessment.

  • Fee: £400 including brief written summary

Weekend and evening assessment
  • We recognise that receiving assessment during weekends or evenings can be very convenient for our clients.

  • We are able to offer this for an additional fee of £100.


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