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Ethical principles


At the core of the company is a strong ethical thread.  This includes:


  • Ensuring that clients understand the process of assessment and any issues around diagnosis or non-diagnosis.

  • Aiming to glean quality information about the client's previous responses to intervention, as part of the diagnostic process.

  • Giving a clear, independent and professional view.

  • Not being linked to any ongoing literacy intervention services - clients are free to commission their own specialist teacher or tutors following assessment as they require.

  • Offering a 10% reduction in fees where parents of children are not currently in employment - please just ask.

  • Over time, keeping an amount of profit back in order to offer three pieces of assessment work per year for free to parents/ schools in disadvantaged areas.

  • Sponsorhip of small organisations based in South Wales.


The director has received ongoing training in child protection and data protection.  Our current GDPR policy can be found here:

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