Dyslexia Cardiff 

Assessment of literacy difficulties

and specific learning difficulties



Dyslexia Cardiff is a service run by Tom Pearson, Educational Psychologist, for adults and children who are concerned about their progress in literacy (reading, writing and/ or spelling).


I can provide a useful first step for those who have ongoing concerns about their literacy skills. Assessment involves looking at past literacy experiences as well as current abilities and attainments.


Following the assessment you can expect a written report which will contain recommendations for ways to further develop literacy skills.  Or, it may be used to take to your school/ organisation in order to request support or concessions, if appropriate.  For further details of assessments available, please see our Services and Fees section.



The aim is to provide: 

  • Comprehensive and thorough assessment, using the latest assessment tools.

  • Robust and evidence-based assessment and advice.

  • Assessment that aims to evaluate progress over time, where appropriate.

Tom Pearson, Lead Psychologist and Company Director, Dyslexia Cardiff Ltd.

Company number: 09546494

Registered address:  Unit 3, Deryn Court, Wharfedale Rd, Cardiff, CF23 7HA

Providing to:

  • Parents, young people and children.

  • State schools, colleges and higher education.

  • Independent schools.

  • Employers and employees.

We provide a full evaluation of the child's underlying cognitive skills, pre-reading/ phonological skills and suggestions for ways forward.

Young Children

We provide a full evaluation of the child/ young-person's underlying cognitive skills, reading and spelling skills and any associated difficulties.  This may lead to possible exam concessions and allowances within school.

Children and adolescents
Students/ Adults

We provide a full evaluation of the person's underlying cognitive skills and literacy skills.  This assessment is suitable for those about to start college or university or for those seeking to inform their employers of any difficulties.  Our reports comply with DfES guidance.

Dyslexia Cardiff Educational Psychologist
Dyslexia Cardiff Educational Psychologist

Based in Cardiff, responding to Wales and the West of England

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07828 595932

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